What can we provide to you?

Event First Aid

MotoMedics Paramedical are able to offer an alternative to traditional volunteer first aid services. We are able to provide Qualified Medics (with a minimum of Certifcate IV in Health Care as well as a Provide Pain Management certification), Registered Paramedics, Endorsed Enrolled Nurses and Registered Nurses to a wide range of events in any environment, in any climate condition. MotoMedics strive to be able to provide a professional high quality of patient care whilst also working within your budget.

Medical Services

MotoMedics Paramedical are able provide qualified healthcare professionals, to a wide variety of workplaces. MotoMedics understand growing need for qualified healthcare professionals within the workplace that are able to emergency healthcare as well as managing any incidents that may arise.

Covert Medical Services

MotoMedics Paramedical understand that sometimes not every event or situation requires a highly visible healthcare professional. That is why MotoMedics have addressed the need and can provide covert medical services through unmarked medical support vehicles to support motorcade and escort events as well as providing healthcare professionals within a corporate setting and even high profile events. This can by done through non-uniformed attire where our staff have the ability to operate in a discreet manner without drawing attention to themselves or the client.

First Aid Equipment Sales

MotoMedics Paramedical currently sell through our online store pre-made and stocked first aid kits for any situation. We are also able to commission custom first aid kits that you may require as well as the sales of advanced first aid equipment such as diagnostic equipment, personal protective equipment and a variety of other first aid and safety equipment.

First Aid Equipment Servicing

MotoMedics Paramedical are able to restock your current first aid kits and service your existing first aid equipment.

Business & Media Support

MotoMedics Paramedical have previously been involved with providing some of our fleet to movie sets for use as props or retrofitting our vehicles for use within the film. We are also able to provide riders where required to assit with you production or business. MotoMedics are also able to provide our services on a sub-contract basis to extend the support of your business.