Marine Max First Aid Kit – Soft Pack – FAR1M30


R1 | Marine Max Kit

Code: FAR1M30

Marine 1-10 Persons

  • Exceeds requirements for Ocean Racing Boats 2013 Category 5 – 7, YA (Yachting Australia) Special Regulations Part 1 for Racing Boats & Cruising Boats 2013-2017.
  • Includes pea-less whistle for attracting attention in emergencies.
  • Extra medications and scheduled items not included due to prescriptions and expiry dates. Please see attached documents for extra requirements.
  • Practical design with internal compartments to make it easy to find contents in an emergency.
PLASTIC FAR1M20 290  (W) X 280  (H) X 100  (D)
SOFT PACK FAR1M30 260  (W) X 190  (H) X 100  (D)