Highly experienced professionals offering exclusive event medical services

MotoMedics is owned by PowerHouse Innovations Pty. Ltd and consists of MotoMedics Queensland and MotoMedics Australia. Motormedics Queensland is our volunteer group who offer their time and expertise to certain charity events and volunteer coverage to some of South East Queensland's top riding hot spots. These volunteer motorcycle Paramedics, Nurses and medics provide front line emergency care to fallen riders on roads which are known motorcycle riding hot spots. This service is free of charge and is funded through ongoing community support through donations and purchase of our merchandise. MotoMedics Australia is the commercial arm offering specialist event Paramedical Services to events such as cycling, Triathlons and any other event where having highly skilled medical personnel on motorcycles is an amazing advantage. Combine this with the proven services we can offer through HEST Paramedical and we can cover any event. This includes mobile ambulance vehicles, dedicated medical tents and/or caravans and roving crews. We are our able to offer full advanced life support treatments and other supportive cares including a full range of advanced drug therapies, suturing and various other essential medical services suited to events and public gatherings. All Paramedics and Nurses are registered practitioners with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Agency and the Paramedicine Board of Australia.