Welcome to our frequently asked questions page. We have found lately that people are very inquisitive of our venture and want to know more about it which is fantastic. We have found that a majority of the time we are asked the same questions, so we have added them here for everyone.

We officially founded as an organisation on the 12th of September, 2016. The idea was floated around mid 2016 by Ryan Hyde when he enquired on some motorcycle pages about the potential for crowd funding a trauma pack to wear on group rides to assist fallen riders. The idea floated for a few more months while Ryan investigated how exactly this could be implemented. Ryan put up a GoFundMe to raise money for a trauma pack and he was inundated with support. It was at this time Ryan was approached by Mitch Talbot and Jade McGuinness about wanting to come on board. From there the idea went completely sideways and snowballed into what you see today. The power of the community has allowed us to expand this idea far greater than first imagined. In the month of October 2016, Mitch Talbot stood down from official duties with MotoMedics for personal reasons and the team welcomed Vaughan Tocher, Jamie Woods and Zach Almond on board.

In January 2017, MotoMedics formally became known as MotoMedics Queensland Incorporated after becoming an incorporated association in Queensland. Upon this occurring, the new executive was appointed and now consists of Mr Jade McGuinness as President, Mr Jamie Woods as Treasurer and Miss Felicity Dunstan as Secretary. Jade and Jamie are now also the Executive managers for MotoMedics Queensland.

MotoMedics is primarily self funded. Original funds were received from the community and from the original GoFundMe fundraiser. We have since expanded our website to include on online shop which includes patches, stickers and an ever expanding list of merchandise. It is through the sales of these items that allows us to maintain operations. Without this ongoing support we can not continue to expand our volunteer services out to other riding hotspots. Your ongoing support is extremely appreciated.

We commenced operations with one Primary Response Bike - a 2010 Yamaha FJR1300AP, ex-police bike. We have since expanded the fleet to a 2013 FJR1300AP and 2011 FJR1300AP, both ex police bikes. We utilise these bikes as they are the most stable and suitable platform to carry the extensive range of trauma gear we need to appropriately manage an incident. All bikes are equipped with bright livery and amber lighting to ensure we can maintain scene safety whilst we are treating a patient. We also have Vaughan on a BMW G650GS and if required we utilise Jamie's personal FJR1300. Plans are to expand our fleet so we can service all of the riding hotspots in South East Queensland but we need to raise more money for that to happen.

This question gets asked the most. We have a duty phone which is 0499 544 146. Riders will be able to contact us via the duty phone to notify us of incidents (only AFTER 000 is called).

Response times for an ambulance on Mt Nebo / Mt Glorious can sometimes be lengthy due to the road conditions. For someone to be laying on the road waiting for someone to help, any amount of time can be traumatic and seem like eternity. Even when surrounded by friends or family, unless someone is providing first aid, it's an intimidating and scary experience. While an ambulance is being dispatched, we have the ability (while already being on the mountains) to proceed to that incident and offer critical pre hospital care until the Queensland Ambulance Service paramedics arrive on scene. When an ambulance arrives, we conduct a thorough handover along with a detailed record of what has been conducted by our medics/paramedics and the QAS paramedics take over from there. This does two things -

  1. Allows the patient to receive immediate and potentially life saving treatment until QAS paramedics arrive and;
  2. Shortens the window in which QAS need to take to get that patient to hospital. If we can conduct preliminary assessment and treatment before QAS paramedics arrive, they are able to package the patient for transport to the most appropriate hospital.

MotoMedics staff are highly trained professionals who are trained to remove a helmet using the safest techniques to ensure that no further injury is caused to the patient. If a rider is conscious, they may remove the helmet or ask for assistance with removing their helmet, this is okay so long as preliminary assessments are undertaken to insure that an injury hasn't occurred where the removal of the helmet will cause further harm.

Our staff hold a minimum of a Basic Life Support competency / Advanced First Aid and Resuscitation qualification. We have Paramedics and staff from different practices who make up our team. All volunteers are vetted through a governance process to ensure a minimum standard is maintained. Specific emergency drugs are only carried by those with the appropriate qualifications. Our priority is to ensure that airway, breathing and circulation are maintained and that the overall wellbeing of the patient is managed until a QAS ambulance arrives. Our goal is to ensure that all treatment provided is in line with current practice and will benefit the patients outcome. While we are not trying to replace QAS/QFES we are attempting to bridge the gap between appropriate medical care being provided until QAS arrives. QAS provides a world class ambulance service and provides the highest level of care. Due to the locations of the incidents in which MotoMedics will attend, QAS is not always able to have resources available in these areas.

No. We will only be able to proceed to an incident at road conditions. Once on scene, we will activate emergency lighting (Green and Amber lights) to signal to motorists that there is an incident. This is to give the MotoMedics staff and the patietn, protection and alert other motorists of a potential danger. Through preliminary tests, we have found that even riding at road conditions, our response times on the are much quicker than any other asset, simply because we are much smaller and lighter through the tight and twisting roads.

Yes. We have had meetings with very senior positions within our emergency services organisations in Queensland. We have notified the relevant agencies of our operations. As these discussions are currently ongoing we cannot go into detail as to who we have met with and what was discussed at these meetings but we can say the discussions are continuing to be very positive.

MotoMedics Queensland currently hold the following insurance policy's, * Ten million dollars public liability Insurance * Professional Indemnity Insurance. * Medical malpractice Insurance and Accident and trauma cover for our team.

Yes. The volunteer division of MotoMedics Queensland is a fully not for profit entity.

Yes! We have been approached by local businesses and organisations wanting to help out. Check out our Sponsors Page to see a list of official sponsors. Any organisations or businesses looking to support us should email us.

We urge anyone who wants to get involved, to email us or message us on our facebook page.

* More details of these policies will be confirmed before operations begin.